How do I edit STL files? That is what any 3D printer owner will sooner or later do, which is fantastic. The ready-made STL files are well and good. But what if the STL file you downloaded is defective, corrupt, or requires only part of it? This is where you need an STL editor.

Editing STL files can be done with two different types of modeling software: Mesh Editing Tools and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. Designed for construction, it offers precise scales and solid modeling. These tools were not prepared for the original 3D printing. In CAD software, circles, for example, are “real” circles; in 3D printing – and STL 3D print files – circles are represented as polygons. So CAD tools cannot show their full potential when editing STL files. However, they can be used to work with STL files.

About STL File

STL file of a human face. Image source: Sculpteo

STL, a summary of StereoLithography, is a file format developed by 3D programs for its CAD software. It is also supported by many other CAD software or spaced editing tools. It is widely used in 3D printing, fast prototyping, and computer-assisted production.

This format represents the upper part of the model with smaller triangles. Multiple triangles will determine the correct model if the structure is complex.

STL file format is one of the most widely used file formats. Therefore, you will find many 3D models using this file format when you want a 3D file to print in 3D. Sometimes, you will need to edit your STL files, so here are some of the finest STL editors to help you with online editing.

Top Ten Online STL Editors

1.  SelfCAD

2.  3D Slash

3.  Onshape

4.  TinkerCAD

5.  Vectary


7.  BlocksCAD

8.  SculptGL

9.  Fusion 360

10.              Blender

1.  SelfCAD


SelfCAD is an STL editor that works online and on Windows and Mac and it’s one of the best alternatives to Vectary. In addition to being a 3D modeling system for carpentry, rendering, and cutting, it is also a valuable tool for organizing STL files.

 SelfCAD has a shallow learning curve, and you can teach yourself within just five hours and edit any type of STL file quickly regardless of its complexity and the number of matches it has.

With its software tools, you can easily edit your STL files. This is an excellent STL file editor if you need to record and work with the best details of your 3D model.

But it will take time to get used to it due to the significant number of 3D tools and options. One more specific point: a powerful computer is needed to use SelfCAD, especially if you have a high poly item.