Choosing the right Freelance Web Writer Platform

Choosing the right Freelance Web Writer Platform

Whether you are well launched in your business or at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial adventure, the observation always ends up happening: you need content for your site or your blog. You realize very quickly that regularly writing quality optimized texts takes time. But you don’t have time, and you’re not an SEO expert. So why not use a platform of freelance web writers? The problem? You don’t know how they work. Don’t these sites dedicated to writing have certain limitations? Isn’t an alternative possible? Here are all our tips to help you find your way around and make the right choice. 

How an editor platform works

When you need content, you register on the writing site of your choice. You submit a briefing that specifies the type of text desired and its tone, the structure and the number of words desired. Web editors registered on the platform choose the text if they wish. They write it according to your instructions and return their work within the time limit, often after 2 or 3 days.

Depending on the case, either the platform targets the writers they consider the most competent in the field, or the “first come, first served” rule applies. If you are satisfied with the text, you validate it, otherwise you ask for corrections to its author. 

The platform sets you a price which includes its commission and the remuneration it pays to the editor of the text.

Today, the most popular sites are Text broker, Text master, Scriber or Great content. They are perfect for you if you need fairly neutral texts or product sheets.

The limits of freelance web writer platforms

Writing platforms bring together very different skills, personalities, and styles. Beginning writers continue their training there by writing a lot by getting the guidance of ghostwriter for hire, on very different topics. Some seasoned writers even continue to produce on the platforms, in addition to their direct clients. You will even find real experts in the product sheet!

However, freelance web editor platforms have certain limitations that you should be aware of:

  • A lack of contact with the editor: clients and authors are identified by numbers and all exchanges go through the platform. The working relationship is totally impersonal; 
  • Unequal quality of written texts: the platforms set the prices of their authors, which are excessively low compared to the prices charged by the entire profession. Thus, the time spent on each text must be very fast if the writer wants to be profitable; 
  • A waste of time with writing briefings: you will never be sure to have the same writer, unless you ask for it. This means you will have full briefings to write every time;
  • A penalizing difference in tone: choosing different authors means taking the risk of lacking coherence and unity of tone across all of your articles. Your texts may sometimes seem uneven and may even displease your readers.

An alternative with matchmaking sites

Matchmaking sites are also web writing platforms, but their mindset is different. Editors set their own rates. They are higher than on a classic platform, but the service is top of the range.

You can for example, as on Writers, choose an article already written and buy it “turnkey”. Thus, you directly judge the style and quality of its author. The article is available immediately, we can hardly do better in terms of responsiveness. Please note, however, that the article was not written for you, so it does not fully meet your expectations.

Web is one of the sites that offer complete services. All the talents of the Web have followed the training of Lucie Rondelet to become a freelance SEO web editor. They know and apply the rules of natural referencing. Their services are varied, from a simple blog article to the editorial audit of your site, through the creation of editorial schedules, newsletters or even e-books. 

By going to the Web site, you choose an editor according to his skills and his offer. Each author is presented in a sheet where he details his services and his prices. You then deal directly with “your” editor! It is therefore up to you to create and maintain this relationship of trust without which no collaboration can function in the long term.

You are now ready to choose a platform for freelance web writers! Don’t forget that content is king on the web, all Google updates are in line with this. And it goes without saying that this quality has a price. This is why Web allows you to get in touch with competent and qualified authors. Lucie Rondelet has a habit of saying that she trains “Swiss Army knives” SEO web editors, the image speaks for itself!

4 Ways To Spruce Up Any Room In Less Than An Hour

4 Ways To Spruce Up Any Room In Less Than An Hour

When you move into a new place and it comes with a free room, the first thought that comes to mind is how you can decorate it. Decorating your home can be expensive and time-consuming. If you have the money and time then perfect, but if not, worry no more! I’m going to show you seven ways to spruce up any room in less than an hour.

Cover your closet doors with curtains

One of the easiest ways to immediately refresh a room is to swap out tired curtains for something a little more interesting. While some people might see that as an unnecessary expense or an inconvenient task, we see it as an opportunity to play around with color and pattern in a way that could really make a place feel new without making any long-term commitments.

Shockingly enough, curtains usually don’t come in every possible color, pattern, or texture on the planet. You can check out some of your local department stores for their selection—their often wide variety will definitely get you started—but if you want to get really creative, there are plenty of places online where you can find exactly what you’re looking for. We recommend checking out companies like Wayfair,, and Touch of Class (which has a huge selection), but you can also do a quick Google search for terms like “cheap curtains” or “curtain fabric” to find even more options. Just remember that whatever fabric you choose needs to be heavy enough that it doesn’t let light through—just in case you have any windows nearby!

Update your bookshelves

When you’re trying to decorate a room, it can seem like a daunting task to try to add your own touches to a space that’s already filled with the items of former owners. The next time you’re looking to spruce up a living room or other room in your home, we suggest starting off by refreshing the bookshelves in the area. Why? Because they’re one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room and give it new life, while adding some personality and creating additional storage space at the same time.

Wallpaper a bathroom mirror

Wallpaper might sound like a word reserved for the living room walls and kitchen backsplash, but it can also be used to make a small space more interesting. If the bathroom is one of your favorite places to be and you’d like to find a way to make it feel even better than it already does, wallpaper could be just what you need. The first step is to take everything off the mirror. Then, lay down some newspaper and some painter’s tape to protect the surrounding wall from any overzealous application of glue. Now you’re ready to start applying the new wallpaper!

Cover your fridge with a sticker wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh injection of style is to change up the decor of your most-used areas. Your bedroom, living room, or kitchen could all use a little something extra. But you’re busy and don’t really have time to do anything complicated that would take all day. You want something that can be done in less than an hour, or even better: just cost a total of $25 or less. We know the feeling; we’ve been there before.

‘Wallpaper’ for your fridge is not the kind you’d put up on a wall, but rather a sticker that looks like wallpaper that you put on the front of your fridge! It’s an easy way to make your kitchen pop with color and pattern—and it can be incredibly cheap if you’re willing to shop around online for some great deals. We found ours for as low as $8—but with free shipping!

It will give your old fridge a new feel, and if the door is damaged, it will save you appliance repairman costs.


While this room could use a little more pizzazz, it’s already looking way better just by tackling a few of these quick projects! And even if you don’t have a bunch of stuff lying around to do such things, I’m willing to bet that your local dollar store or thrift store does. Give it a shot, and see how much better an old space can look with a little bit of effort and imagination.

The Best Place to Go for Car Games

The Best Place to Go for Car Games

Car lovers have plenty of ways to indulge in their hobbies. Whether you’re going to car shows, participating in car-focused forums, or just washing your own car in your driveway, you’re appreciating the masterworks of engineering and transportation.

Another way to enjoy cars you might never have access to in real life is through video games. There are, of course, plenty of Car Games to play, but some of the best ones, and ones you can access for free, are all available on What follows is a selection of some awesome Car Games you can find at Drifted


This first game is a destruction derby-style game with a bright, colorful art style and flat, 3D graphics. In it, you will take control of a car and do your best to push your opponents off of a precariously high arena.

And, for each car you eliminate, your own car will grow bigger and stronger, until you are either the last car standing, or you enter a showdown with another massive car. The latter situation is the most exciting and fun though.

2. Fly Car Stunt 4 

The fourth entry in the Fly Car Stunt series is the best-looking, and the most fun yet. Select from an array of different cars including everything from an F1 speeder to a monster truck, and navigate challenging tracks as quickly as you can. 

The game boasts 15 awesome levels, many unlockable cars, and even a 2-player mode to get your friends in on the action. You can even purchase upgrades for your cars to make them perform better.

3. Flying Car Extreme Simulator

This next game is one of the most novel games in the Drifted Arcade. Flying Car Extreme Simulator does exactly what it says on the tin: puts you behind the wheel of an awesome transforming car. You can go from driving on the pavement to soaring through the air at the press of a button.

The game allows you to pull off this transformation at will, and you’re free to complete objectives in any way that seems most efficient to you. As you complete these jobs, you’ll earn money that will allow you to purchase different flying car games!

4. Madalin Stunt Cars 3

Madalin Stunt Cars is one of the most popular series , and the latest entry is the most fully-featured one yet. Madalin Stunt Cars 3 drops players into one of three unique maps and sets them free to do whatever they like.

Each of the maps is designed to be a stunt driver’s paradise, full of ramps and loop-the-loops to make use of. There are also a bunch of different cars to drive!

5. Drift Hunters MAX

This final game on the list is actually a exclusive, meaning it can’t be found anywhere else. This revamped edition of the classic Drift Hunters game adds a ton of new features and content, including a graphical overhaul and an account system that allows for cloud saves.

All of these games are incredibly fun, but there are many, many more to enjoy. We recommend browsing and making use of the categories to find exactly what you’re looking for. The Drifting Games and Motorcycle Games categories are very popular!

How to choose shoes that are comfortable and suitable for you?

How to choose shoes that are comfortable and suitable for you?

And then? Still, buying shoes just because they look nice? Don’t know how to buy the ideal shoe for you, one that is both beautiful and comfortable? In this post, you will learn how to choose comfortable and suitable shoes by defining three points that should be taken into account when buying your new shoes.

The shoe may be cute, and you may have fallen in love with it, but if it is not made with quality material and in the right sizes, it will certainly bring problems on the very first day of use. 

Many women’s shoes cost very little and are beautiful, but many times they interfere with the way you step on the floor and, over time, you may have serious back, knee, and ankle problems, without realizing that the problem, in fact, is the poor quality shoes.

In this way, knowing how to choose the ideal sapatos masculinos for your step, posture, weight, the size of your foot, etc. It is fundamental to avoid future problems and to have more comfort in your day-to-day work, leisure and walking.

How to choose according to the various types of shoes?

There are several types of shoes in stores and when it comes to choosing we always choose the most beautiful one, the one that goes with everything or with a certain look, but take into consideration the internal measurements of these shoes and for what purpose you are buying them. 

Shoes that are thinner in the front are generally tighter in width and cause a lot of pain in the feet after hours of use, as well as encouraging the manifestation of bunions. Other shoes are wider and your foot “dances” inside the shoe as you step, which can lead to blisters, calluses and sores at the end of the day. So know exactly for what purpose, how many hours of use, what your foot measurements are, before you decide which shoe to buy.

How to choose according to heel height?

Shoes with high heels are extremely dangerous. May cause pain in the legs and feet and also encourage bunions. If you are not used to wearing high heels, rethink your purchase, or if you have never worn a certain type and height of heel, also be cautious. 

Will you be able to wear it to that party? Or when you go out at night? Will you be able to stand for a long time, or will the program you are going to do be more seated? Think of height as an obstacle, no matter how great the shoe may be. Look for very high-heeled shoes without a thin beak preferably, and leave these for much lower heels, for example.

How to choose according to the material of the shoe?

Shoes with a harder and not very malleable material are bad for prolonged use. Evaluate the type of material and see if it is comfortable for the purpose you will demand from it. Prefer shoes made of genuine leather, in order to provide more softness, even though they are more expensive.

Specialized Web Copywriter: 6 Tips to Find It

Specialized Web Copywriter: 6 Tips to Find It

You are a professional and you want to know the different ways to find a specialized web editor. Are you lost in the jungle of the Net and don’t know where to start? Calling on a fine connoisseur of the theme related to your main activity is important to increase traffic and therefore your turnover. The better and more engaging the writing, the more likely you are to attract new leads. The competition is increasingly fierce and it is essential to stand out. In this article, you will discover 6 relevant ways to find the perfect digital content creator.

1. Use freelance sites to find the specialized web editor

On the writing, market are networking platforms, such as, or Their use is rather intuitive and there are many proposals.

You look at the specific accounts and skills that interest you. If you want to work with a freelancer at your place of work or any other place, because you prefer to collaborate that way, it is quite possible.

In addition, what is practical is the fact of being able to read comments from people who have gone through this means of prospecting. This possibility gives you an idea of ​​the level of professionalism of digital content creators.

However, the very high number of freelance web writers can be an obstacle. It is indeed necessary to compare the profiles.

2. Use social networks to prospect the creator of digital content

The 3 main social networks to prospect for a digital content creator are:

  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook.

LinkedIn is the number 1 network for companies and allows you to be in contact with tens of thousands of people. The advantage is to be able to view profiles with experiences, training and their posts published in relation to your sector. Finding a specific web editor is made easier this way.

The Twitter blue tick benefits, famous for its short messages, has more than 12 million French users and is very useful for fueling its brand image. It is interesting to observe the people who promote their services, post their blog articles, ask questions or lead debates related to your research.

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg and his well-known platform, Facebook, give the possibility of being part of specific groups and therefore of canvassing directly by being a member. In addition, specialist web writers have pages highlighting their services using hashtags, just like LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Use editorial agencies to collaborate with a writer from the Net

Editorial, communication or digital strategy agencies offer high-quality writing and help with natural and paid referencing. They prove to be effective in centralizing all the actions to be implemented. To do this, define what you need by establishing specifications containing, among other things, your budget.

Thereafter, it is necessary to compare different agencies sought on the Internet and contact them to address the professional concerned and initiate collaboration. Before that, to get an idea of ​​their services, do not hesitate to visit their website, you will have an overview of what it will be possible to achieve with a specialized web editor. You can also get in touch with the companies that have gone through their services to be sure of the relevance of the information.

The only negative point is the higher price, but the quality is not free, of course. It will be relevant to refer to it for your long-term projects.

4. Look for web writers through their professional sites or blogs

The 4th advice is to type the specialty key query directly into the search engines. By browsing the Web and reading the various media, it is advisable to identify whether the profile of the editor corresponds to your needs.

Some digital content creator websites have a portfolio showcasing various accomplishments. You will be able to analyze the technical, editorial and optimization skills that the digital text expert offers. To be sure of your choice, ask for a paid test article, of 600 words maximum for example, and quickly form your own opinion.

One of the drawbacks is that you have to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect site or blog, but who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and find a web writer who specializes in your field. Be patient and put synonyms in the search bar of several engines to diversify the results pages.

5. Take advantage of the network or post an ad on job sites to find the web’s rare pearl

Yes, the network can be very useful! Ask professionals carrying out the same activity for advice and people to contact to make sure you are doing business with people you trust. Often, among workers in the sector, we stick together. Finding a specialized web editor in this way should be easy.

Another idea is a return to basics such as posting an ad on job sites, a means of communication that still works very well today. There is,,, and many more.

To reach the digital content creator, all you have to do is post your request and, following the return, send an interview invitation email. The approach is therefore more economical and you can modify your ad by adding or removing elements.

6. Use editor platforms to find the expert in digital text

Whether beginner or expert, any specialized web editor knows that you have to start on these platforms to build your skills. Two large families exist among them.

The first concerns generalist platforms, such as,, Ré, etc. The interest is based on simply posting your request at an affordable rate. Several creators of editorial content will then apply to benefit from the opportunity. However, be careful, commissions are charged by these platforms and they always serve as intermediaries, which prevents the direct link with the editor.

The second family is more specific. These are connection platforms. On these websites, you search directly for what you need among the profiles and services presented. The platform created by Lucie Rondelet, composed solely of her students, is an excellent example of this and helps you find the perfect specialized web editor. You can sort by domain, which makes searching much easier.

Here are the 6 points you should remember from this article to find the specialized web editor and find your happiness:

  • Use matchmaking sites.
  • Harness the power of social media.
  • Request the services of an editorial agency.
  • Search among web editors’ sites or blogs.
  • Be advised by colleagues or post a job offer.
  • Go through editor platforms.