Digestive or gut health is one of the primary aspects that determine your overall health and well-being in the present and future as well. All diseases begin in the gut and are responsible for all sorts of moderate to severe health problems. Imbalanced gut health is likely to cause complex gastrointestinal problems that hamper the overall physical and mental health significantly. While many modern medicines and treatments have been geared towards treating such digestive issues, none stands as effective as Ayurveda which includes treatments, massages, and ayurvedic massage in Sydney

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system with its origin in the Indian subcontinent. This medical system dates back some 5000 years ago and its healing potential is still recognized across various regions of the world. According to Ayurveda, health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Any disruption in this balance can impact the overall health which includes gut health as well. Digestive health is a key determinant that predicts the long-term health and wellness of your body. Hence, it is important to maintain good gut health as it reflects good health, both mentally and physically. A healthy digestive system ensures that the food and liquid intake is well absorbed through your body. Therefore, if you struggle with poor gut health or have frequent digestive disorders, opting for ayurvedic treatment for digestive issues is a viable solution.

Digestive health: The Ayurveda Perspective 

As per Ayurveda, the key to good health begins with digestion. Our health condition can be observed by our ability to digest anything, be it food, liquid, or anything sensory or emotional. There are two key ayurvedic terms related to digestion i.e. Agni and Ama. Agni refers to the digestive fire in our bodies that helps in breaking down and absorbing everything that we eat. On the other hand, Ama is a toxic accumulation in the body that can lead to diseases. When the Agni is strong, our body is able to absorb the food nutrients better and eliminate the unwanted toxins. However, a weak digestive power leads to the formulation of Ama. 

The importance of gut health has always been a top priority according to Ayurveda. Irrespective of the health issues and discomfort in the body, Ayurveda emphasizes the vitality of a sound digestive system. It believes that one cannot have a healthy body unless one has sound gut health. Therefore, any treatment, medicine, or ayurvedic massage in Sydney has a critical attempt to heal and rejuvenate digestive health. No matter how well your diet is or how frequently you exercise, there’s no point to it unless you don’t have an active system to absorb. 

Ayurvedic treatments for Digestive issues 

Digestive issues are common; however, can lead to critical health problems if not treated properly. Since these have become an everyday problem, most people tend to neglect them without realizing their impact on the overall health condition. Ayurvedic treatments for digestive issues are a combination of diet, exercises, massages, and more that collectively attempt to restore gut health while strengthening it over time. Getting an ayurvedic consultation will help you identify the unique composition of your body and understand the reasons behind frequent digestive disorders.

Some most common ayurvedic treatments for digestive issues involves medicines, dietary changes, and massages. These are aimed at strengthening the Agni while eliminating the Ama. Also known as constitutional treatments, this involves promoting all habits that support healthy digestion. Be it eating healthy foods, the meal timings, or the way of eating, everything plays an important role in this regard. Ayurvedic treatments for improving gut health involve other measures such as medicines, herbs, massages, and more. 

Ayurvedic tips to improve gut health

  • Sit & slow down while eating: There’s a common ancient saying that if you eat while standing, death looks over your shoulder. Well, there’s no scientific evidence to prove this claim; however, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of slowing down and sitting while eating. It believes that digestion begins before we actually eat the food. It is the sight and smell of the food that gets our body into a state of rest and digestion. 
  • Eat well: Eating well is one of the key aspects of a healthy digestive system. Therefore, it is important to eat well, and in the right combination. Each food has distinct qualities and is digested differently. Inadequate eating habits can diminish the digestive fire and lead to increased toxins in the body. Also, eating a balanced diet is vital that must include the five basic tastes i.e. sour, bitter, salty, sweet, astringent, and pungent.

Sleep well:

People may find it absurd but sleep is an important aspect of ayurvedic treatments for digestive issues. Sound sleep is imperative for healthy and strong digestive health. Ensuring that your mind and digestive system get ample rest is essential for optimized functioning.