How Can We Reduce Chronic Pain?

How Can We Reduce Chronic Pain?

Pain is the presence of an anomaly in the body. It might occur all through the body or in a specific body part. It is common and often goes away on its own, all things equal. However, pain is chronic when it lasts for up to three months and affects your day-to-day activities.  

Such pain might interfere with one’s daily activities like work and study. It can affect your ability to take care of yourself and others. In extreme cases, it might lead to depression, anxiety, and difficulty with sleep.  

hronic pain is not similar to acute pain, another common type of pain. Acute pain is the typical and expected response to getting hurt, like kicking your leg against a stone or sustaining a broken joint. Such pain does not last and goes away after treatment or healing the affected body parts. On the other hand, chronic pain persists even after one recovers from the sickness or injury, and one might be in the dark regarding the reason for such pain.  

This article will explore various ways one can treat and reduce chronic pain: 

Consider Herbal Products 

The marijuana plant has a series of compounds in it. These compounds have been shown to trigger a series of effects in users. One such compound is CBD, which may help relieve pain by activating the cannabinoids present in the body. This reduces pain signals and perceptions.  

There are naturally occurring cannabinoids in humans. When you consume CBD, it mimics these cannabinoids. As a result, it triggers the cannabinoids in the body, bringing online the reward system in the body, which automatically brings down pain.  

You can get CBD in various forms and select the one that fits your need best. There are CBD Capsules, CBD oil, and CBD vape that you can smoke using a vape device. You can also prefer to consume CBD gummies on the go to provide pain relief. 

Get Moving  

According to various studies, it is evident that exercise can reduce chronic pain, boost nerve function, and reduce neuropathy symptoms. Exercise can also reduce depression and anxiety, which is common in victims of chronic pains. 

Exercise will be incredibly helpful in reducing pain, even though it might be challenging to start. Someone in severe pain might find it difficult to exercise. However, the key is to start slow and move at your pace; also, respect your body’s limit.  

You can start with short walks by moving around the house. Walk from one room to the other, to the front door, and around the backyard. Over time, increase the pace and frequency of your exercise. 

The serotonin released from working out can also go a long way to soothe the pain and make you feel better.  

Try Heat and Ice Therapy  

Heat and Ice Therapy is a common and effective way to relieve chronic pain. The treatment is typically applied as a first-aid treatment for sprain, pain, and other injuries that might trigger discomfort. 

Ice application to the affected body parts helps reduce swelling and inflammation that might arise due to the affected body parts. After the inflammation subsides, one can use heat therapy to bring down the stiffness that comes with the sprains and strain.  

People who need relief from arthritis will find heat application helpful. A cold pack also helps relieve pain from headaches. You can use heat packs and raise the temperature using a microwave so you can reuse it anytime you prefer.  

For the best experience with ice and cold therapy, ensure you talk to your doctor, as they can guide you on best practices.

Try Acupuncture 

This is one of the most ancient practices that can relieve pain. Originating from China, the practice believes that pain and other body anomalies can be traced to an imbalance of energy in the body. Acupuncture, therefore, tries to balance such energy pathways. Also, several other benefits, like better sleep and stress relief.  

The practice involves using needles positioned strategically in various places on the skin. Such pins are placed concerning the pain source. The energy flow, called qi, guides the needle placement while in use.  

According to research, acupuncture triggers the release of serotonin, a body hormone primal to pain relief. Acupuncture can relieve pain in victims, according to a 2012 study, and works well for victims of migraines and various forms of severe pain.  

Try Turmeric  

People have used Turmeric roots for pain relief, thanks to their excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It also finds application in tea as a spice in foods and smoothies. Additionally, turmeric contains curcumin, an active ingredient present in it. Many people take curcumin supplements to enjoy the healing power of turmeric.  

Various curcumin supplements exist, ranging from 200 mg to 000mg. Try to check with your doctor before taking the supplement for people on any medication. Also, before buying a turmeric supplement, ensure it has no harmful preservatives like soy, dairy, or gluten.  


Chronic pain could be difficult, reducing the quality of life significantly. However, one can address chronic pain in various ways.  

This article has explored various ways to reduce chronic pain.  

Ayurveda for Good Health: Here’s how it helps

Ayurveda for Good Health: Here’s how it helps

Digestive or gut health is one of the primary aspects that determine your overall health and well-being in the present and future as well. All diseases begin in the gut and are responsible for all sorts of moderate to severe health problems. Imbalanced gut health is likely to cause complex gastrointestinal problems that hamper the overall physical and mental health significantly. While many modern medicines and treatments have been geared towards treating such digestive issues, none stands as effective as Ayurveda which includes treatments, massages, and ayurvedic massage in Sydney

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system with its origin in the Indian subcontinent. This medical system dates back some 5000 years ago and its healing potential is still recognized across various regions of the world. According to Ayurveda, health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Any disruption in this balance can impact the overall health which includes gut health as well. Digestive health is a key determinant that predicts the long-term health and wellness of your body. Hence, it is important to maintain good gut health as it reflects good health, both mentally and physically. A healthy digestive system ensures that the food and liquid intake is well absorbed through your body. Therefore, if you struggle with poor gut health or have frequent digestive disorders, opting for ayurvedic treatment for digestive issues is a viable solution.

Digestive health: The Ayurveda Perspective 

As per Ayurveda, the key to good health begins with digestion. Our health condition can be observed by our ability to digest anything, be it food, liquid, or anything sensory or emotional. There are two key ayurvedic terms related to digestion i.e. Agni and Ama. Agni refers to the digestive fire in our bodies that helps in breaking down and absorbing everything that we eat. On the other hand, Ama is a toxic accumulation in the body that can lead to diseases. When the Agni is strong, our body is able to absorb the food nutrients better and eliminate the unwanted toxins. However, a weak digestive power leads to the formulation of Ama. 

The importance of gut health has always been a top priority according to Ayurveda. Irrespective of the health issues and discomfort in the body, Ayurveda emphasizes the vitality of a sound digestive system. It believes that one cannot have a healthy body unless one has sound gut health. Therefore, any treatment, medicine, or ayurvedic massage in Sydney has a critical attempt to heal and rejuvenate digestive health. No matter how well your diet is or how frequently you exercise, there’s no point to it unless you don’t have an active system to absorb. 

Ayurvedic treatments for Digestive issues 

Digestive issues are common; however, can lead to critical health problems if not treated properly. Since these have become an everyday problem, most people tend to neglect them without realizing their impact on the overall health condition. Ayurvedic treatments for digestive issues are a combination of diet, exercises, massages, and more that collectively attempt to restore gut health while strengthening it over time. Getting an ayurvedic consultation will help you identify the unique composition of your body and understand the reasons behind frequent digestive disorders.

Some most common ayurvedic treatments for digestive issues involves medicines, dietary changes, and massages. These are aimed at strengthening the Agni while eliminating the Ama. Also known as constitutional treatments, this involves promoting all habits that support healthy digestion. Be it eating healthy foods, the meal timings, or the way of eating, everything plays an important role in this regard. Ayurvedic treatments for improving gut health involve other measures such as medicines, herbs, massages, and more. 

Ayurvedic tips to improve gut health

  • Sit & slow down while eating: There’s a common ancient saying that if you eat while standing, death looks over your shoulder. Well, there’s no scientific evidence to prove this claim; however, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of slowing down and sitting while eating. It believes that digestion begins before we actually eat the food. It is the sight and smell of the food that gets our body into a state of rest and digestion. 
  • Eat well: Eating well is one of the key aspects of a healthy digestive system. Therefore, it is important to eat well, and in the right combination. Each food has distinct qualities and is digested differently. Inadequate eating habits can diminish the digestive fire and lead to increased toxins in the body. Also, eating a balanced diet is vital that must include the five basic tastes i.e. sour, bitter, salty, sweet, astringent, and pungent.

Sleep well:

People may find it absurd but sleep is an important aspect of ayurvedic treatments for digestive issues. Sound sleep is imperative for healthy and strong digestive health. Ensuring that your mind and digestive system get ample rest is essential for optimized functioning.

Key reasons to employ water testing services

Key reasons to employ water testing services

Water, being plentiful and essential of compounds is the basis of life for all living things on Earth. Just like oxygen and food, water is essential to survive. Hence, maintaining its quality and availability is a prerequisite. The increasing population and pollution have impacted the availability of freshwater to great extent. Water is necessary for the survival of all living organisms and its scarcity can largely affect human existence. Water is required for consumption, domestic and industrial use, as well as for environmental well-being. Therefore, it is important to ensure its quality and composition before putting it to use. 

The quality of water varies depending on factors like pH levels, amount of oxygen dissolved, alkalinity, etc. While water is required for most of our daily life activities, not every water type is suitable for use. Different water utilities require distinct water supplies. For instance, one cannot use seawater for human consumption and other activities such as cooking. Similarly, various industrial activities that require water do not necessarily have to be freshwater. Hence, water testing should be conducted regularly to control the supply and usage of adequate water resources. 

Water Testing: What is it? 

Water testing refers to a comprehensive quality assessment of the water resources to determine their condition and utility prospects. Knowing the health condition of water bodies can help in developing a water management plan. Water management is the need of the hour as water scarcity has emerged to be a major concern all across the world. The levels of freshwater have begun to deteriorate significantly owing to increased water consumption and pollution. Therefore, taking appropriate measures is a necessitate. Prolonged negligence in such aspects can give rise to other major issues in the long run. 

Irrespective of commercial or residential spaces, employing water testing services is essential. Opting for a water testing service will give you a detailed insight into the quality and availability of the water resources and make an appropriate plan to avoid any sort of water crisis in the future. An environmental consultant is a professional trained to combat and offer quick resolve to such environmental issues. The water testing services offered by the professionals involve sampling, monitoring, and analysis of water resources to assure their purity and safety for human use. 

Water Testing: What does it involve? 

The quality and composition of water highly determine its scale of usage. While water resources are abundant, not all are fit for usage and consumption. Since the human body is a composition of 70% water, the water we use has a great impact on our health and wellness. Hence, it is our responsibility to keep a regular quality check of the water resources that are intended for everyday consumption. When you hire a professional environmental consultant for water testing purposes, the following are some probable steps included in the process: 

  • Sampling: The first step involved in the water testing is sampling where the workers come for a site visit and collect water samples meant for testing. This sampling process is quite different and requires specialized equipment. Hence, workmen are trained professionally to collect samples while following strict procedures.
  • Analysis: Once the samples are collected, they are sent to laboratories for testing and quality assessment. This analysis phase involves comprehensive testing of the water samples through varied parameters and delivers accurate results. Also, ensure that your environmental consultant gets the water testing done at NATA accredited laboratories only. 
  • Reporting: After the water samples go through a thorough laboratory and data analysis, a detailed report is prepared to brief you on the present situation of the water quality and levels. You can expect all the relevant information in the final report that will highlight the immediate and probable issues concerning the water resources. Based on this, you can expect an expert resolve to fix the issues effectively. 

Advantages of Water Testing 

Water testing is a vital responsibility owing to the increasing amount of pollution and diseases related to it. Ignoring it for very long can lead to saturation of freshwater resources thereby degrading living and environmental well-being. Knowing the quality levels of surface and groundwater around will aid in strategic management and mindful usage of water. Some other advantages of water testing include the following: 

  • Safe & pure water supply – The increasing number of diseases related to water has made the importance of pure water quite evident. Hence, it is important to ensure a pure and constant supply of water for consumption and domestic uses. This can be done by conducting regular water testing drills to keep a track of water quality and availability. 
  • Environmental well-being – Contaminated water can affect the natural vegetation and wildlife to great extent. It is important to control pollution and maintain cleanliness around the surface water bodies for animals and plants to survive. While various measures should be taken to combat pollution, tracking the changes in water quality can be of great help. By getting a thorough water testing done, you can regulate the pollution control measures accordingly. 

Bottom Line

Water plays an important role in our daily life activities and hence we should opt for adequate measures to safeguard water supplies for all. A professional water testing service will give you detailed quality insight to make comprehensive water management plans that is beneficial both for humans as well as the environment. 

A Comprehensive Guide on Diabetic Foot Ulcers!

A Comprehensive Guide on Diabetic Foot Ulcers!

Diabetic patients are most likely to have lower immunity levels in their bodies. Since diabetes is a metabolic disorder that restraints the body to regulate blood sugar efficiently, they cause several complications in the long run. Some of the common complications caused by diabetes include foot problems such as foot ulcers, neuropathy, athlete’s foot, calluses, etc. 

Here in this blog, we have outlined everything that you should know about foot ulcers – causes, risk factors, symptoms, prevention, and diabetic foot ulcer treatment options available these days. 

What is a diabetic foot ulcer?

A diabetic foot ulcer is a common complication suffered by diabetic patients. A foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs at the bottom of the big toes and the balls of the feet. So, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, you may tend to get foot ulcers that can affect your feet, down to the bone. However, a proper and regular foot care regime can help you prevent their occurrence. 

What are the causes of diabetic foot ulcers?

Several reasons cause diabetic foot ulcers. However, some of the common factors that lead to this complication are as follows:

  • High blood sugar levels: Hyperglycemia or high glucose levels can drastically damage your nerves and blood vessels over time, lessening the flow of blood, especially to your hands, feet, and limbs. This ultimately makes it harder for the sore or wound to heal quickly. 
  • Irritation or wound in the feet: A cut or wound on your feet or toes can turn into an ulcer without your notice. In particular, if you are already suffering from neuropathy, you are most likely not to feel the pain in your feet. 
  • Poor blood circulation: It is another form of vascular disease that reduces the body’s ability to regulate blood flow to your feet efficiently. As a result of poor blood circulation, your diabetic foot ulcer may take a longer time than usual to heal completely.
  • Nerve damage: As already stated, elevated glucose levels can cause nerve damage which is a long-term effect. Damaged nerves can be tingy or painful, and lead to a lack of feeling in your feet. It can reduce sensitivity to foot aches and ultimately result in painless wounds like diabetic foot ulcers. 
  • Athlete’s Foot: A complication such as Athlete’s Foot can turn out to be a serious foot infection in diabetes and develop diabetic foot ulcers. So, right in the initial stage, when you find flaky skin with scales on your feet, consider consulting an Athlete’s Foot specialist. Because if it’s not treated properly, it can lead to tissue death and amputation.

What are the symptoms to identify diabetic foot ulcers?

Although numerous visible signs indicate diabetic foot ulcers, one of the first signs that can help you realize the condition is drainage from your foot. If you find any sort of drainage from your foot causing stains in your socks or leakage in your shoes, consider it a serious condition that requires prompt care.

Other common early symptoms of diabetic foot ulcers include:

  • Irritation
  • Unusual Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bad odors

How to treat diabetic foot ulcers?

One of the best diabetic foot ulcer treatment options is debridement. During the treatment procedure, the podiatrist removes dead skin, tissues, or foreign objects that may have caused the foot ulcer. Once the tissue surrounding the ulcer is removed, it is sent to the lab to determine the right cure.

The medications prescribed for treating diabetic foot ulcers usually include antibiotics, antiplatelets, or anticlotting. It greatly helps in situations when the foot infection increases even after preventive or anti-pressure treatments. 

However, if the above-mentioned medications fail to treat the infection, your doctor might recommend seeking surgical help. Surgery can prevent your foot infection from becoming worse, and ultimately leading to amputation.

How to prevent foot ulcers?

Several ways can prevent your diabetic foot ulcers in the first place. However, some of the essential tips for preventing foot ulcers are as follows:

  • Control Your Glucose Levels: Keeping your blood sugar levels in check is one of the best ways to prevent sores, wounds, and cuts from causing serious foot infections like diabetic foot ulcers. You can adopt a healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups to prevent frequent spikes in your glucose levels.
  • Pay Attention to Your Feet: Check your foot every day to see if there’s any occurrence of blisters, swelling, sores, redness, white spots, discoloration, etc. If you notice any unusual condition on your foot, consult your podiatrist immediately.
  • Avoid Walking Barefoot: Walking barefoot can cause injuries to your toes and feet, leading to serious infections like diabetic foot ulcers. Thus, ensure to wear shoes that can cover your whole foot and help you prevent injuries. 

Bottom Line

Remember, identifying the symptoms of diabetic foot ulcers at the initial stage can be extremely helpful in treating the condition. As soon as you find a sore or wound on your foot or even an Athlete’s foot, see a trusted doctor or an Athlete’s Foot specialist immediately. It’s really important to undergo a diabetic foot ulcer treatment procedure in the first place as untreated foot infections can lead to amputations.

Vitamins That Are Effective For Men’s Health

Vitamins That Are Effective For Men’s Health

The Best Multivitamin for Men is made by a legitimate maker. Nature Made men’s multivitamins are the #1 suggested nutrient by drug specialists. They make each of their items in the United States. This multivitamin for men is tried by the United States Pharmacopeia, an outsider association that tests items for quality and health. We’ve chosen a portion of our top picks for your survey underneath.

Nature Made men’s multivitamin

On the off chance that you’re searching for a men’s multivitamin, look no farther than the Nature Made men’s multivitamin. Created in light of men’s necessities, this item contains 22 critical nutrients and minerals to advance solid bones, muscles, and safe frameworks and for better men’s health, you can swallow Cenforce 200 Sildenafil and Vidalista 20mg. Besides, it contains cancer prevention agents and other fundamental supplements, which are especially helpful for men’s health. Furthermore, similarly as with any item from Nature Made, satisfying quality guidelines is ensured.

One more extraordinary element of Nature Made men’s multivitamins is their sticky recipes. These men’s nutrients are accessible in organic product enhancement and are accessible in a 40-day supply. Each jug contains vitamin A, L-ascorbic acid, and omega-3. You can pick the kind of multivitamin in light of your necessities and your own inclination. The multivitamins likewise contain the fixings that advance solid heart capability.

The Nature Made men’s multivitamin is reasonable for men who are beyond 18 years old. This supplement accompanies 150 delightful, seasoned chewy candies. It contains vitamin D, E, and B12, as well as omega-3, which is gainful for heart health and mental capability. It is additionally gluten and without dairy, which makes it appropriate for all kinds of people. It is likewise accessible in vegetarian assortments.

Amazon is at present presenting 59% off nutrients and enhancements. One of these enhancements is the Nature Made Men’s Multivitamin, which is generally valued at around $12. It contains 22 vital supplements and gives cell reinforcement support, pursuing it is a decent decision for men hoping to keep a sound way of life. For a far and away superior arrangement, consider the Nature Made Men’s Multivitamin’s virtual entertainment account on Amazon. This virtual entertainment account is for instructive purposes just and doesn’t comprise clinical guidance.

Know it men’s multivitamin

The Smarty-pants men’s multivitamin is non-GMO, gluten-endlessly liberated from counterfeit flavors and tones. It contains premium types of supplements and tastes perfect! In addition to the fact that it is perfect for men, yet it is likewise a decent wellspring of omega-3 unsaturated fats. The men’s multivitamin is an incredible method for getting a day to day portion of the fundamental nutrients and minerals your body needs.

This one-a-day nutrient enhancement contains a wide exhibit of supplements, including vitamin D, which advances solid bones and teeth. It likewise assists the resistant framework with working. Vitamin d is particularly useful for keeping up with solid cardiovascular health and advancing solid bones. While around 3/4 of men got enough of this nutrient from food alone, nine percent of men were getting adequate sums from their multivitamins. Taking a nutrient enhancement builds their possibilities being satisfactorily supported by eight percent.

Specialist’s Best vegan cases

One of the advantages of a veggie lover multivitamin is that it is non-GMO. As well as being veggie lover, it contains no counterfeit fixings. The multivitamin is likewise delicate on the stomach and advances stomach related health with an equilibrium of probiotics, ginger, and stomach related chemicals. It is additionally non-GMO and without gluten. As a veggie lover multivitamin, it gives a variety of fundamental supplements that men need to remain sound.

Nursery of Life Vitamin Code Men

On the off chance that you’re searching for an all-normal enhancement to help the soundness of dynamic men, attempt Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men. This complete multi-supplement recipe is made explicitly for men, uniting fundamental nutrients and minerals to help men’s health. Nutrient Code Men contains RAW Food-Created Nutrients, which are entire food sources plentiful in fundamental nutrients and minerals. These fixings support sound blood and advance energy.

This multivitamin contains live probiotics that help stomach health and advance generally health. This item likewise contains compounds and probiotics, which add an additional layer of health to the situation. Nonetheless, the presence of probiotics and chemicals raises worries about item quality. Prior to beginning any new eating regimen, check with your PCP or medical care proficient. Notwithstanding nutrients, men additionally need manganese to help solid bones and mind capabilities.

The Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men equation is a finished multivitamin, which incorporates supplements for prostate health, as well as nutrients for heart and perseverance. This equation is uniquely made for men, as their nourishing requirements contrast with ladies’. This recipe contains nutrients C and E, as well as selenium, zinc, and vitamin B complex. Likewise, it incorporates bioactive Code Factors to upgrade the health of prostate organs and backing generally speaking health.

The Vitamin Code RAW One container is made with an exceptional mix of crude, entire food varieties and proteins to help the general health of men. It contains fundamental supplements, including B nutrients, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. These supplements assist with supporting stomach-related productivity and consistency, while likewise supporting generally health. For ideal outcomes, men ought to take Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW One for Men. This supplement ought to help them look and feel their best.

Four Reasons To Switch To organic food

Four Reasons To Switch To organic food

It is safe to assume that you are looking for Organic Food to improve your health and lead a more empowered lifestyle. At that point, you can stop eating processed meals and start to eat real food. Natural or authentic meals are free of synthetic compounds such as manufactured pesticides and manures. Although many people think that switching to regular meals is extravagant and difficult, the benefits of eating normal food far outweigh the costs. Many reasons will convince you that it is possible to have authentic dinners without making any sacrifices.

Organic Food Does Not Contain Chemicals

We don’t know how many compound substances we consume every day. In 2006, the United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) found that 81% of potatoes consumed in America consolidate insecticides. This is despite them being washed and stripped. According to the U.S.D.A. The U.S.D.A. also stated that almost all nut ranches use negative cultivating rehearses such as including fungicides or rodenticides while establishing nuts. 75 percent of tomato pastes and ketchup are used in processed food such as tomato glues and tomato ketchup.

  • Economically produced ketchup contains a large number of cell reinforcements from natural ketchup. This shows that greens and managed outcomes lose many supplements.
  • According to the usD.A, 30 cents of standard milk contains insect poisons. This can be dangerous for children who consume large amounts of milk.
  • Apples are a very common natural product that people on all sides of the globe eat almost every day.
  • Apples can also be contaminated with insecticides.
  • This is a huge part that you could find regular apples at any of your local markets.

Save Money And Eat Healthier

There are simple ways to reduce the cost of your regular dinners while increasing your savings. Try to eat more homegrown food, since most restaurants use short-term and economically produced food to reduce costs. You can eat at home and control the many ingredients, which allows you to choose your meals more often and save money on expensive restaurant food. If you are looking to make a change from regular food, natural produce memberships may be a good option. These compartments include new natural products, vegetables, and many other items you might find at your homestead’s business center.

  • Dairy and eggs from natural sources
  • Honey and jam made by hand
  • There are many styles of natural margarine
  • Unadulterated oils
  • New Juices
  • Natural espresso

The pressing holders are sent to your progress every week at low-valued prices. This decreases the possibility of high fees that could prevent you from buying regular meals while you’re on an efficient spending plan. You’ll not only be setting aside money but you will also be spending less time trying to find natural foods in your staple shops.

Be Socially Responsible

Did you know that the choices you make in your meals can also have an impact on the environment? You might also be helping local ranchers by choosing food. They may use feasible cultivating techniques to repurpose waste and save yields. Switching to natural, local meals can also have a positive impact on the planet. Handled food increases the distance required to transport it, which can lead to greater contamination and increase global warming. As gatherings need to have a corporate social responsibility (CSR), so should shoppers.

Predominant Taste

Although it might seem difficult to accept, normal meals taste so much better. Natural plants are grown in clean, well-ventilated areas that allow them to grow. They also have the opportunity to retain their best fragrances and homegrown preferences. Gourmet experts also agree that natural fixings have the best flavor. Supported soils can cause incredible, dense vegetation. Since genuine food is low in nitrogen and toxic pollutants, it has been praised for its taste. This results in serious tastes that people love.

You will feel first-rate and lively if you eat quality meals. You might feel tired and unproductive if you eat junk food. Look at other notable aspects of how dinners are served so that you can make better choices and feel connected to your body and soul. We hope these reasons will have prompted you to make a change in your food plan, and swap industrialized meals for natural foods.