CCNP and CCNA are two Cisco certifications. Both are related to networking and security. The difference between the both, in a nutshell is that the CCNA certification is the associate level accreditation. It examines the professionals on routing and switching fundamentals. CCNP is more advanced certification that needs deeper knowledge and understanding in LANs, and WANs. If you want more information about it, then you need to pop over to this website.

General Exam Topics

1.  Deploy and Manage virtual applications (10-15%)

·        Prepare virtual applications

·        Manage application virtualization environments

·        Deploy and manage RemoteApp

2.  Deploy and manage desktop and mobile applications (15-20%)

·        Plan an application distribution strategy

·        Deploy applications using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

·        Deploy applications using Microsoft Intune

·        Plan for application upgrades

·        Monitor applications

·        Manage content distribution

3.  Plan and Implement software updates (15-20%)

·        Plan and deploy third-party updates

·        Deploy software updates by using Configuration Manager and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

·        Servicing Windows using Microsoft Intune and the Windows as a Service Model

4.  Manage Compliance and Endpoint Protection settings (15-20%)

·        Build a Configuration Item (CI)

·        Create and monitor a baseline

·        Configure Endpoint Protection

5.  Manage Configuration Manager Clients (15-20%)

·        Deploy and manage the client agent

·        Manage collections

·        Configure and monitor client status

6.  Manage inventory using Configuration Manager (10-15%)

7.  Provision and Manage mobile devices (10-15%)

How to prepare exams?

Due to the complications of the concepts students need assistance in studying CCNP. It can be helped in many ways

Child- Centered approach

It should be developed child centered approach while designing the text book. Child- centered approach is considered to be more relevant as compared to the teacher centered or content-centered approach.

Meaningful learning

Meaningful learning takes place only when the learning material is interesting, logical and coherent.


Efforts have been made to involve the student through activities of observing, counting, coloring and performing tasks.

Syllabus designing 

Syllabus should be designed in the way that it should be spread throughout the year which is almost counterproductive.

Innovative Style

The innovative style in which it is presented will be definitely liked by the students.

Online learning is the beneficial CCNP help

Online services help the learners to get the authentic and reliable solutions of their CCNP problems. If the students start cooperation with the online tutor they will get enough free time and they will enjoy their other activities as well. Online learning is the source of getting best education. There are several benefits of online learning and tutoring. This learning process has many advantages and positive impacts but some are given for student’s concern.

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