Today there are several modes of getting knowledge, especially digital modes. Such as live online classes, teaching apps and online courses. These tools have helped schools and teachers to teach students online during the pandemic. However, after this situation, schools understood that now they need a whole system of software which could facilitate online teaching and operations. That is why more and more schools are turning towards software like  LMS portals

LMS or Learning Management System is a web-based software application which is used to create, deliver and track online learning resources. This software can be used by the school to create online learning courses for students and teach them, making online teaching and learning interesting and saving time and effort. But that’s not the only way the LMS helps the school, there are many other ways, let’s know about them.

Manage Online Courses: It has been mentioned earlier that LMS is used to create online courses and learning resources. However, creating courses is not enough; they need to be organised and managed too. The LMS helps schools to manage their multiple courses of the different and same subjects. LMS is also used to remove outmoded and replicated online courses, informing the staff which courses need to be updated and which to be removed.

Record Progress: Leaving the learning part solely on the students is not right, they need to be monitored from time to time. LMS helps the teachers to keep track of the student’s learning, it collects the data of every student and their progress in every course they enrolled for. This way teachers will know that students can understand the course, what new progress they made after learning from the course etc. 

Helpful in Training: The online courses created using LMS don’t only give theoretical knowledge, but can also be used to teach new skills and train students. This way schools will be able to inculcate new skills in students even virtually.

Notifications bub about Updates: As teachers can edit the online courses using LMS, they can add new units and topics in courses according to changes with time. The LMS also notifies the former learners of that course about the update. So that, if students want they can do the upgraded version of the course and don’t miss out on anything.

Multiple Formats: You have to check for this feature, but most of the LMS nowadays provide the integration feature in their LMS. The integration feature of LMS helps the teachers to create the online course in any suitable format they want i.e; video, audio, audio-video, textual etc. rather than just textual courses. This attracts more students towards the courses as many learners understand better through multimedia format and engage better with courses giving positive reviews.

Makes Teaching Easy: LMS makes the task of teachers manageable and less time-consuming. It has in-built tools like an automatic grading system, assessment creation tools, and tracking and feedback features. All these tools help the teacher to focus on teaching and creating great content, enhancing their productivity and overall professional efficiency. 

On-Demand Learning: With the help of LMS the students now have the facility to learn as per their needs and wants. They don’t have to wait for classroom teaching to start and teach the topic they want to learn. The online courses are available to them 24*7 anytime and anywhere, they just have to log into their account and search for the topic and they can pick the online course for the same to learn. This creates an on-demand learning environment in which students are at benefit.

Helps in Admin Tasks: Along with teachers, the admins working on the LMS portal also work hard. They have the task of organising courses as per grades, updating the dashboard, creating user groups, reporting, archiving old courses etc.  Using LMS, the admins can do all such tasks in much less time and with more accuracy.

Accessibility and Security: Using LMS, students can learn from anywhere at any time, this is the biggest accessibility that it provides. But along with this LMS provides a safe online learning experience to students, by keeping their data safe.