And then? Still, buying shoes just because they look nice? Don’t know how to buy the ideal shoe for you, one that is both beautiful and comfortable? In this post, you will learn how to choose comfortable and suitable shoes by defining three points that should be taken into account when buying your new shoes.

The shoe may be cute, and you may have fallen in love with it, but if it is not made with quality material and in the right sizes, it will certainly bring problems on the very first day of use. 

Many women’s shoes cost very little and are beautiful, but many times they interfere with the way you step on the floor and, over time, you may have serious back, knee, and ankle problems, without realizing that the problem, in fact, is the poor quality shoes.

In this way, knowing how to choose the ideal sapatos masculinos for your step, posture, weight, the size of your foot, etc. It is fundamental to avoid future problems and to have more comfort in your day-to-day work, leisure and walking.

How to choose according to the various types of shoes?

There are several types of shoes in stores and when it comes to choosing we always choose the most beautiful one, the one that goes with everything or with a certain look, but take into consideration the internal measurements of these shoes and for what purpose you are buying them. 

Shoes that are thinner in the front are generally tighter in width and cause a lot of pain in the feet after hours of use, as well as encouraging the manifestation of bunions. Other shoes are wider and your foot “dances” inside the shoe as you step, which can lead to blisters, calluses and sores at the end of the day. So know exactly for what purpose, how many hours of use, what your foot measurements are, before you decide which shoe to buy.

How to choose according to heel height?

Shoes with high heels are extremely dangerous. May cause pain in the legs and feet and also encourage bunions. If you are not used to wearing high heels, rethink your purchase, or if you have never worn a certain type and height of heel, also be cautious. 

Will you be able to wear it to that party? Or when you go out at night? Will you be able to stand for a long time, or will the program you are going to do be more seated? Think of height as an obstacle, no matter how great the shoe may be. Look for very high-heeled shoes without a thin beak preferably, and leave these for much lower heels, for example.

How to choose according to the material of the shoe?

Shoes with a harder and not very malleable material are bad for prolonged use. Evaluate the type of material and see if it is comfortable for the purpose you will demand from it. Prefer shoes made of genuine leather, in order to provide more softness, even though they are more expensive.