Talking English is not the solution in America, we have to talk like an American with the local people. So, let’s not embarrass ourselves and focus on learning the American accents and talking like a native. Today we will talk about all possible issues and solutions.

It’s not enough to just learn words or phrases from a book. You must understand the American culture and the people. You need to have a proper accent and follow the style of talking to speak like a native speaker.

If you want to learn it from now then you need a native American tutor, but that will be quite costly. For any kind of English tutors online you can rely on AmazingTalker without any second thought. 

Methods to learn American English

There are several methods, but among them, we will try some self-teaching and online methods today to get an immediate solution. It is not easy, but with proper dedication, you can do it. 

Talk with an American Friend

If you have an American friend then you know how he talks, just have regular conversations with him and try to follow him. Also, you can get instant feedback from him as to where you are making mistakes. So, it will be an instant solution. 

You should talk to people regularly. Your friends are very much close to your life. The best way to keep them in talking is to keep them amused and have good relations. You will then be able to learn many things from them.

You may ask them to share what they think about something that is bothering you, and you’ll be able to find out whether you made the right decision. You may find that you are a little nervous talking to people, so practice makes perfect. Ask your friends for feedback.

Watch Hollywood Movies

Hollywood movies are great examples of American culture and native conversation. So, you can learn from it too. If you watch a new movie every day or several times a week you can learn the American accent easily. 

You can use Hollywood movies as a tool to help you get the correct pronunciation of the English language. As you can learn from watching movies, you can listen to the actors who perform in the movie.

After that, you should learn how to pronounce the words they use. You can use Hollywood films to help you understand some grammar mistakes.

Join a Physical Class with a Native Online Tutor

You can find an American Language class near you and join that, there you will be able to get a native tutor who can teach you an American accent easily. It may cost a bit high but you will get the chance to learn from a native American tutor. 

Most of us don’t know what an American accent sounds like, and for that we need to mingle with native people. The truth is that people with an American accent don’t really sound like Americans. They actually sound more like natives of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In fact, they sound similar to native Spanish speakers and Italians. Many Americans have adopted a fake American accent when speaking English. People with these accents speak with a very low pitch and a very slow pace. They have a hard time pronouncing certain words correctly.

Join Class of Online Native Tutors

It is easy to find a native American tutor online, you can use the AmazingTalker platform where you can see the profile of the tutor and have a direct conversation. It is easy to get online classes and at an affordable price.  

With the help of the internet, you can find a tutor on any subject and check their qualifications too. This can be great for you if you are looking for any pre-scheduled lessons and guidance from those tutors. 

Last few words

It is quite easy to start learning from your friends but we have discussed several options that will make your learning easy. You can also try physical classes to get the best results. We have discussed all possible options here. 

But you can try out AmazingTalker, they have native online tutors who can make your life easy and give you the required results. So, try that out and get the perfect solution from native tutors.