Price and other customers’ feedback are the first two things your shoppers will look at when considering shopping with your online store. Shipping and delivery are the third ones. (But we won’t touch on this story in this post.)

It’s human nature to search other people’s opinions on a product and learn how satisfied or unsatisfied other purchasers are. Product reviews and reminders are indispensable for building trust and customer loyalty, receiving honest feedback about your Magento-based business, and even improving search engine rankings.

This article focuses on highlighting how you can manage reviews and ratings in Magento (the Adobe Commerce company). Let’s get started.

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Magento 2 Rating Configuration

Out-of-the-box, Magento 2 comes with rating functionality and displays feedback as stars on the front-end.

To access and tweak the functionality, you will need to log in to your Magento 2 admin panel first.

Next, on the left pane, go to STORES, and then click Rating under Attributes.

(See the screenshot attached for more details.)

To add a new rating, you should click Add new rating in the upper right corner.

You will need to fill in the following settings to save a rating:

  • Rating Title. You’ll need to fill in the default value and specify it for each of your store views.
  • Rating Visibility. This setting includes indicating visibility, sorting orders, and checking the Is Active box.

Make sure to save the changes after you finish the configuration process by clicking Save in the upper right corner.

General Reviews Configurations

Please note that the default platform comes with the most basic review features only that enables you to receive, review, modify and approve testimonials.

To start receiving reviews on Magento, you need to tweak the corresponding general settings first.

To achieve that, on the left pane, under STORES, select Configuration. Next, under CATALOG, click the Catalog tab and navigate to the Product Reviews block.

Two settings are available here:

  • Enabled to enable or disable the functionality globally, and
  • The possibility to Allow Guests to Write Reviews (or disallow by selecting No)

How Do You Manage Reviews on Magento 2?

To get the incoming testimonials displayed on the storefront, you will need to change their status from pending to approved or disapproved.

On the left pane, go to MARKETING. The required functionality  — all reviews and pending reviews — is available under the User Content block.

Please note that pending and reviewed testimonials are separated in the admin panel for your convenience.

All Reviews

The page displays all testimonials published on your site. You can quickly modify any feedback of your choice by clicking Edit. The modifications include as follows:

  • Product
  • Status
  • Visibility
  • Summary of review
  • Review

With an abundance of testimonials, please use the search field on the left to search for specific feedback.

If you choose to make modifications, do not forget to save the changes by clicking Save Review in the upper right corner and check how the modifications look on the front end.

Pending Reviews

The page lists all new reviews that require your attention. After you take action, testimonials will get transferred to the All Reviews page.

Mageworx Product Reviews & Reminders

Now that you know what the default Magento 2 offers, you might seek more possibilities to implement your ideas to life or enhance how reviews are displayed on the front end and managed in the back end.

The easiest way to expand the out-of-the-box possibilities is by opting for a third-party extension.

Let’s use Mageworx’s solution as an example and highlight what possibilities you can get for $149:

  • Displaying star rating, pros and cons section
  • Adding the “Verified” and “I recommend” badges
  • Trigger customizable popup and email review reminders
  • Display star ratings in search results
  • Add UTM parameters to track reminders’ effectiveness
  • Set default sorting and filtering order for reviews
  • Benefit from pre-built yet highly customizable design templates

Bottom Line

Whether you are just starting or already have your feet on the ground, scaling the number of reviews in Magento is not hard at all.

Choosing when to display (send) review requests, how to incentivize the customers to share feedback, and how to implement your ideas to life will set you on the right track without zapping much of your time and budget.
Day in, day out, and your Magento reviews and ratings will become a competitive advantage.