Since Spotify has tens of millions of customers, it’s no surprise it’s frequently targeted by hackers. While Spot Followers guarantees its users their safety and financial details are never compromised, losing manipulate over the account is irritating.

If you’re interested in getting to know a way to understand whether or not your Spotify account was given hacked and what to do in such instances, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss the most not unusual symptoms and provide an explanation for what moves you ought to take to reduce the harm.

How to Tell if a Spotify Account Has Been Hacked

Contrary to popular belief, now not being able to log in to your account is best one of the signs a person has hacked it. More frequently than now not, customers aren’t able to observe a person has accessed their account for a long term. Here’s what you need to be aware of.

Unfamiliar Music Under “Recently Played”

If you frequently use Spotify, you probably understand what tune you’ve listened to recently. Not being able to apprehend the tune underneath “Recently played” may be a signal a person else is the use of your account without your permission.

New or Missing Playlists

Many Spotify Followers enjoy growing playlists for one-of-a-kind events. If you’ve noticed some of the playlists are lacking or new ones are created, someone may also be tampering with your series without your understanding.

Music Playing Randomly

Spotify may be linked to different gadgets like Google Nest, Alexa, smartwatches, etc. You can use these gadgets to alternate the songs, play, or prevent the tune.

Log-in Notifications

Like maximum apps, Spotify will inform you if it detects suspicious interest. If you get hold of notifications approximately log-ins you don’t recognize, someone can be seeking to access your account without permission.

Your Subscription Has Changed

If you notice that your subscription plan has changed and also you had nothing to do with it, it’s likely a person else is the use of your account. Check the receipts to set up whilst the alternate becomes made.

Open your browser and visit Spotify’s website.

Select “Profile.”

Choose “Account.”

Press “Receipts” in the left menu and evaluate the subscription fee and dates.

Email or Password Not Working

If you can’t log in for your account and are one hundred% sure you’re the usage of the best electronic mail deal with and password, it’s most probably because someone else has accessed it and logged you out.

What to Do if Your Spotify Account Has Been Hacked

There are several movements you could take if you suspect your Spotify account has been hacked. They vary depending on whether you have to get entry to the account or not.

If you realize a person else is using your account, but you could still get the right of entry to it, here’s what you could do.

Reset Your Password

The first motion you need to take after knowing a person else is using your account is to reset your password. Open Spotify’s reset hyperlink in an incognito/non-public window, input your email address, and create a robust password you haven’t used earlier than. Since Spotify may be related to numerous services, like Facebook, don’t forget to change those passwords as properly.

Sign Out Everywhere

Spotify gives the “Sign out everywhere” option to be able to log out of your Spotify account from each device. You can use this feature to save you, hackers, from the use of your account. Follow the commands underneath to signal out everywhere on Spotify.

Log in if induced.

Press “Profile” on the pinnacle-right nook.

Choose “Account.”

Scroll down and press “Sign out everywhere.”

Keep in mind that it is able to soak up to at least one hour for this feature to work. Moreover, this doesn’t paintings to companion gadgets like TVs, speakers, and so on. If you want to log out of such gadgets, you’ll want to use the “Remove get right of entry to” choice. Here’s a way to try this.

Select “Profile” in the pinnacle-right corner.

Press “Account.”

Scroll down and select “Apps” from the left menu.

Find the apps in query and press “Remove get right of entry to” at the right.

Secure Your Email Address

If you watched the hacker has modified the e-mail address related to your account, you should reverse it at once. Follow the practice below to do it.

Open your browser and go to Spotify’s website.

Choose “Profile.”

Select “Account.”

Press “Edit profile.”

Enter your electronic mail address, double-take a look at other account records, and press “Save Profile.”

You can also do that with the usage of the Spotify cellular app.

Launch the Spotify app and select the gear icon inside the top-right nook.

Then faucet “Account.”

Choose “Email.”

Enter your email cope with.

Log Back in and Recover Playlists

After completing the stairs discussed above, you can log back into your account and reconnect the apps and gadgets you’re the use of.

Launch your browser and visit Spotify’s website.

Choose “Profile” on the pinnacle-right corner.

Select “Account.”

Press “Recover playlists” in the left menu.