Water, being plentiful and essential of compounds is the basis of life for all living things on Earth. Just like oxygen and food, water is essential to survive. Hence, maintaining its quality and availability is a prerequisite. The increasing population and pollution have impacted the availability of freshwater to great extent. Water is necessary for the survival of all living organisms and its scarcity can largely affect human existence. Water is required for consumption, domestic and industrial use, as well as for environmental well-being. Therefore, it is important to ensure its quality and composition before putting it to use. 

The quality of water varies depending on factors like pH levels, amount of oxygen dissolved, alkalinity, etc. While water is required for most of our daily life activities, not every water type is suitable for use. Different water utilities require distinct water supplies. For instance, one cannot use seawater for human consumption and other activities such as cooking. Similarly, various industrial activities that require water do not necessarily have to be freshwater. Hence, water testing should be conducted regularly to control the supply and usage of adequate water resources. 

Water Testing: What is it? 

Water testing refers to a comprehensive quality assessment of the water resources to determine their condition and utility prospects. Knowing the health condition of water bodies can help in developing a water management plan. Water management is the need of the hour as water scarcity has emerged to be a major concern all across the world. The levels of freshwater have begun to deteriorate significantly owing to increased water consumption and pollution. Therefore, taking appropriate measures is a necessitate. Prolonged negligence in such aspects can give rise to other major issues in the long run. 

Irrespective of commercial or residential spaces, employing water testing services is essential. Opting for a water testing service will give you a detailed insight into the quality and availability of the water resources and make an appropriate plan to avoid any sort of water crisis in the future. An environmental consultant is a professional trained to combat and offer quick resolve to such environmental issues. The water testing services offered by the professionals involve sampling, monitoring, and analysis of water resources to assure their purity and safety for human use. 

Water Testing: What does it involve? 

The quality and composition of water highly determine its scale of usage. While water resources are abundant, not all are fit for usage and consumption. Since the human body is a composition of 70% water, the water we use has a great impact on our health and wellness. Hence, it is our responsibility to keep a regular quality check of the water resources that are intended for everyday consumption. When you hire a professional environmental consultant for water testing purposes, the following are some probable steps included in the process: 

  • Sampling: The first step involved in the water testing is sampling where the workers come for a site visit and collect water samples meant for testing. This sampling process is quite different and requires specialized equipment. Hence, workmen are trained professionally to collect samples while following strict procedures.
  • Analysis: Once the samples are collected, they are sent to laboratories for testing and quality assessment. This analysis phase involves comprehensive testing of the water samples through varied parameters and delivers accurate results. Also, ensure that your environmental consultant gets the water testing done at NATA accredited laboratories only. 
  • Reporting: After the water samples go through a thorough laboratory and data analysis, a detailed report is prepared to brief you on the present situation of the water quality and levels. You can expect all the relevant information in the final report that will highlight the immediate and probable issues concerning the water resources. Based on this, you can expect an expert resolve to fix the issues effectively. 

Advantages of Water Testing 

Water testing is a vital responsibility owing to the increasing amount of pollution and diseases related to it. Ignoring it for very long can lead to saturation of freshwater resources thereby degrading living and environmental well-being. Knowing the quality levels of surface and groundwater around will aid in strategic management and mindful usage of water. Some other advantages of water testing include the following: 

  • Safe & pure water supply – The increasing number of diseases related to water has made the importance of pure water quite evident. Hence, it is important to ensure a pure and constant supply of water for consumption and domestic uses. This can be done by conducting regular water testing drills to keep a track of water quality and availability. 
  • Environmental well-being – Contaminated water can affect the natural vegetation and wildlife to great extent. It is important to control pollution and maintain cleanliness around the surface water bodies for animals and plants to survive. While various measures should be taken to combat pollution, tracking the changes in water quality can be of great help. By getting a thorough water testing done, you can regulate the pollution control measures accordingly. 

Bottom Line

Water plays an important role in our daily life activities and hence we should opt for adequate measures to safeguard water supplies for all. A professional water testing service will give you detailed quality insight to make comprehensive water management plans that is beneficial both for humans as well as the environment.