If Mars is strong in your kundali, then you can get lucky. Mars is considered the karaka planet of courage, strength, hard work etc. strong mars increases your might. Strong mars makes good luck in your life, it is auspicious and fruitful for you. If mars is weak it makes you arrogant. Your work starts getting spoiled and many types of diseases also grip you. Let us know by which easy measures we can strengthen mars. For the best kundali services to contact Astrologer in Naranpura .

Harmful effect of mars:-

  • Mars is considered to be an aggressive malefic planet and it is considered necessary to see the position of Mars in the birth chart of the native on the occasion of marriage, because when Mars is in the fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house from the birth ascendant. If yes, then the person is called Mangli. 
  • Although the effect of mars is found only up to 28, 32 years, but till this age it causes great losses to the person. There are consequences like death of wife(husband for wife), divorce, loss in business-business. Dismissal from job, death-like suffering.
  • Mars in the ascendant causes separation from the wife. Mars in the seventh house itself causes death-like suffering to both the person and the spouse. The twelfth mars permanentily snatches away the happiness of the life partner or the death of the spouse. Being in the twelfth house of mars, the person can become poor and suffer the scepter.
  • Mars in the second house makes the person a thief. Gives eye disorder. Mars in the third house deprives the elder brother of happiness .mars in fifth, tenth and eleventh house causes loss of children.
  • In any house of the horoscope, if it is in self-sign (Aries, Scorpio) or exalted  sign ( Capricorn), then the effect of sign increases. Special eg. Other expressions should also be understood.

Special:- although Mars is a sinful planet. Where on the one hand it causes harm, on the other side it also results in Raja Yoga. For example, if Mars is in the fourth house, it will deprive the person of the happiness of home, mother and wife, but will make the person a high level royal employee, prosperous and living under the father’s shadow.

Remedies for Mangal Shanti:- 

  • Bath:- take a bath with water mixed with red sandalwood, red flowers, vine bark, jatamansi, Moulshree (Mulsi), Khireti, Godanti, Malkanguni and Singrak etc. due to which the evils of Mars get pacified.
  • Donation:- by donating red colored clothes of flowers or other material, lentils, jiggery, red sandalwood, ghee, saffron, wheat, sweets or sweets, patase, revadi etc., auspicious fruits of Mars increase.
  • Worship lesson:- reading and worship of Kartikeya stotra, recitation of Sundarkand of Valmiki Ramayana, Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan and Hanumanji’s daily darshan. Worshiping lamp, Laxmi stotra, Ganpati stotra, Maha Gayatri worship etc. whatever is possible yes, by taking that remedy, the evils of Mars are pacified.
  • Japa-tapas:- mantras of Mars, chanting of Hanumanji’s mantras, 11, 21, 28 or 43 Tuesday’s fast or Vinayki fast, the evils of Mars are pacified. 
  • Metal Ratnadi:- coral ( about 6 ratti) should be worn in a gold ring. In the absence of coral, one should wear copper, Sangamushi or  Nagjihwa, Gojihwa jadi. Wear the ring ( gold or copper) in the middle finger. Apart from coral, whatever metal or upartna or herb you wear, keep changing it after every three years, because the effect of mars related uparams ends every 3 years.
  • Other simple measures:- Donating a certain number of Urad daily Hanumanji’s temple, offering vermilion on Tuesday, self-inoculation of vermilion ( this remedy is for abstinent people), donating jiggery, lentils on Tuesday, always give fennel and sugar candy to the guest after meals, Revdi means jiggery and spleen, feed people or make them flow in water, wear red clothes or keep red handkerchiefs, do not make brothers sad, always use basil leaves and black pepper in food the evils caused by mars are pacified by means of doing, etc.

Special:- To make married life happy, whatever measures are there in the birth charts, but if there is a horoscope containing Mangal Dosha ( mangli) then it definitely has some result. Therefore, if Mars is a hindrance from the marital or marital point of view, then the following measures should be taken.

  • Unmarried girls should recite the Sundarkand of Tulsi Ramayana along with chanting the ninth verse of eighteenth chapter of Shrimad Bhagwat, Gauri Pujan in Mangal Dosh.
  • To get a suitable life partner, men should observe a fast till 28 Tuesday by wearing a Moongajadit yantra. In the meantime, even if marriage takes place in the middle, the determined fast should be completed.
  • According to the user’s astrology, the marital effect of Mars is harmful on the first married life. After some time after the first marriage of a bride or groom with mangal Dosha as a symbol of complete law and order, mangal Dosha gets automatically eliminated by doing actual marriage.