You are a professional and you want to know the different ways to find a specialized web editor. Are you lost in the jungle of the Net and don’t know where to start? Calling on a fine connoisseur of the theme related to your main activity is important to increase traffic and therefore your turnover. The better and more engaging the writing, the more likely you are to attract new leads. The competition is increasingly fierce and it is essential to stand out. In this article, you will discover 6 relevant ways to find the perfect digital content creator.

1. Use freelance sites to find the specialized web editor

On the writing, market are networking platforms, such as, or Their use is rather intuitive and there are many proposals.

You look at the specific accounts and skills that interest you. If you want to work with a freelancer at your place of work or any other place, because you prefer to collaborate that way, it is quite possible.

In addition, what is practical is the fact of being able to read comments from people who have gone through this means of prospecting. This possibility gives you an idea of ​​the level of professionalism of digital content creators.

However, the very high number of freelance web writers can be an obstacle. It is indeed necessary to compare the profiles.

2. Use social networks to prospect the creator of digital content

The 3 main social networks to prospect for a digital content creator are:

  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook.

LinkedIn is the number 1 network for companies and allows you to be in contact with tens of thousands of people. The advantage is to be able to view profiles with experiences, training and their posts published in relation to your sector. Finding a specific web editor is made easier this way.

The Twitter blue tick benefits, famous for its short messages, has more than 12 million French users and is very useful for fueling its brand image. It is interesting to observe the people who promote their services, post their blog articles, ask questions or lead debates related to your research.

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg and his well-known platform, Facebook, give the possibility of being part of specific groups and therefore of canvassing directly by being a member. In addition, specialist web writers have pages highlighting their services using hashtags, just like LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Use editorial agencies to collaborate with a writer from the Net

Editorial, communication or digital strategy agencies offer high-quality writing and help with natural and paid referencing. They prove to be effective in centralizing all the actions to be implemented. To do this, define what you need by establishing specifications containing, among other things, your budget.

Thereafter, it is necessary to compare different agencies sought on the Internet and contact them to address the professional concerned and initiate collaboration. Before that, to get an idea of ​​their services, do not hesitate to visit their website, you will have an overview of what it will be possible to achieve with a specialized web editor. You can also get in touch with the companies that have gone through their services to be sure of the relevance of the information.

The only negative point is the higher price, but the quality is not free, of course. It will be relevant to refer to it for your long-term projects.

4. Look for web writers through their professional sites or blogs

The 4th advice is to type the specialty key query directly into the search engines. By browsing the Web and reading the various media, it is advisable to identify whether the profile of the editor corresponds to your needs.

Some digital content creator websites have a portfolio showcasing various accomplishments. You will be able to analyze the technical, editorial and optimization skills that the digital text expert offers. To be sure of your choice, ask for a paid test article, of 600 words maximum for example, and quickly form your own opinion.

One of the drawbacks is that you have to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect site or blog, but who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and find a web writer who specializes in your field. Be patient and put synonyms in the search bar of several engines to diversify the results pages.

5. Take advantage of the network or post an ad on job sites to find the web’s rare pearl

Yes, the network can be very useful! Ask professionals carrying out the same activity for advice and people to contact to make sure you are doing business with people you trust. Often, among workers in the sector, we stick together. Finding a specialized web editor in this way should be easy.

Another idea is a return to basics such as posting an ad on job sites, a means of communication that still works very well today. There is,,, and many more.

To reach the digital content creator, all you have to do is post your request and, following the return, send an interview invitation email. The approach is therefore more economical and you can modify your ad by adding or removing elements.

6. Use editor platforms to find the expert in digital text

Whether beginner or expert, any specialized web editor knows that you have to start on these platforms to build your skills. Two large families exist among them.

The first concerns generalist platforms, such as,, Ré, etc. The interest is based on simply posting your request at an affordable rate. Several creators of editorial content will then apply to benefit from the opportunity. However, be careful, commissions are charged by these platforms and they always serve as intermediaries, which prevents the direct link with the editor.

The second family is more specific. These are connection platforms. On these websites, you search directly for what you need among the profiles and services presented. The platform created by Lucie Rondelet, composed solely of her students, is an excellent example of this and helps you find the perfect specialized web editor. You can sort by domain, which makes searching much easier.

Here are the 6 points you should remember from this article to find the specialized web editor and find your happiness:

  • Use matchmaking sites.
  • Harness the power of social media.
  • Request the services of an editorial agency.
  • Search among web editors’ sites or blogs.
  • Be advised by colleagues or post a job offer.
  • Go through editor platforms.