Choosing the right Freelance Web Writer Platform

Choosing the right Freelance Web Writer Platform

Whether you are well launched in your business or at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial adventure, the observation always ends up happening: you need content for your site or your blog. You realize very quickly that regularly writing quality optimized texts takes time. But you don’t have time, and you’re not an SEO expert. So why not use a platform of freelance web writers? The problem? You don’t know how they work. Don’t these sites dedicated to writing have certain limitations? Isn’t an alternative possible? Here are all our tips to help you find your way around and make the right choice. 

How an editor platform works

When you need content, you register on the writing site of your choice. You submit a briefing that specifies the type of text desired and its tone, the structure and the number of words desired. Web editors registered on the platform choose the text if they wish. They write it according to your instructions and return their work within the time limit, often after 2 or 3 days.

Depending on the case, either the platform targets the writers they consider the most competent in the field, or the “first come, first served” rule applies. If you are satisfied with the text, you validate it, otherwise you ask for corrections to its author. 

The platform sets you a price which includes its commission and the remuneration it pays to the editor of the text.

Today, the most popular sites are Text broker, Text master, Scriber or Great content. They are perfect for you if you need fairly neutral texts or product sheets.

The limits of freelance web writer platforms

Writing platforms bring together very different skills, personalities, and styles. Beginning writers continue their training there by writing a lot by getting the guidance of ghostwriter for hire, on very different topics. Some seasoned writers even continue to produce on the platforms, in addition to their direct clients. You will even find real experts in the product sheet!

However, freelance web editor platforms have certain limitations that you should be aware of:

  • A lack of contact with the editor: clients and authors are identified by numbers and all exchanges go through the platform. The working relationship is totally impersonal; 
  • Unequal quality of written texts: the platforms set the prices of their authors, which are excessively low compared to the prices charged by the entire profession. Thus, the time spent on each text must be very fast if the writer wants to be profitable; 
  • A waste of time with writing briefings: you will never be sure to have the same writer, unless you ask for it. This means you will have full briefings to write every time;
  • A penalizing difference in tone: choosing different authors means taking the risk of lacking coherence and unity of tone across all of your articles. Your texts may sometimes seem uneven and may even displease your readers.

An alternative with matchmaking sites

Matchmaking sites are also web writing platforms, but their mindset is different. Editors set their own rates. They are higher than on a classic platform, but the service is top of the range.

You can for example, as on Writers, choose an article already written and buy it “turnkey”. Thus, you directly judge the style and quality of its author. The article is available immediately, we can hardly do better in terms of responsiveness. Please note, however, that the article was not written for you, so it does not fully meet your expectations.

Web is one of the sites that offer complete services. All the talents of the Web have followed the training of Lucie Rondelet to become a freelance SEO web editor. They know and apply the rules of natural referencing. Their services are varied, from a simple blog article to the editorial audit of your site, through the creation of editorial schedules, newsletters or even e-books. 

By going to the Web site, you choose an editor according to his skills and his offer. Each author is presented in a sheet where he details his services and his prices. You then deal directly with “your” editor! It is therefore up to you to create and maintain this relationship of trust without which no collaboration can function in the long term.

You are now ready to choose a platform for freelance web writers! Don’t forget that content is king on the web, all Google updates are in line with this. And it goes without saying that this quality has a price. This is why Web allows you to get in touch with competent and qualified authors. Lucie Rondelet has a habit of saying that she trains “Swiss Army knives” SEO web editors, the image speaks for itself!