Tips for maintaining your fxd boots

Tips for maintaining your fxd boots

For any employee, purchasing safety fxd boots is a major expense. These boots are the most important component of personal protection equipment (PPE) for workers who work in oil and gas, mining, construction, and other industries. 

Industrial workers also need to pay much attention to the maintenance and cleaning of their boots. Proper maintenance will help to increase the lifespan of the boots. To help you with the maintenance work, here are some simple ways which doesn’t need much effort:

Regularly wash your boots.

On the job site, boots get a lot of mud, dust, and filth. Brushing off dust and debris after each use is a good idea. Most fxt boots can be cleaned efficiently by light washing. But if a deeper clean is required, get a cleaner designed for the material of your fxd boots

Leather responds well to soaps or solutions that are water-based or carefully formulated. Boots that become wet inside can eventually become damaged. So, boot interiors should always be cleaned and kept clean. 

Boot conditioning

Before the leather dries out after cleaning the boots, condition them. The first coat of leather should be thoroughly wet for the conditioning process to work. Wrap the fxd boots in a wet towel for a couple of hours while keeping an eye on them in case the leather is too dry to apply the conditioner. 

The boots should not be submerged in water. Apply the conditioning treatment to the boots as directed by the manufacturer once the leather is sufficiently wet. 

Maintaining the fxd boots

Inspect the footwear frequently. Pay attention to any rips in the internal lining or tiny rocks hidden in the outsoles. Addressing rips, tears, and scuffs as soon as they start to appear is a smart idea. When boots are repaired quickly, further wear-and-tear is avoided. 

Verify the insoles completely. You should buy new insoles if the old ones are worn out or have lost their comfort. Insoles with support keep feet at ease while being worn. Think about using specialised powders and insoles to reduce odours to keep your boots smelling fresh.

Give a waterproofing treatment.

Spray a waterproofing agent inside of your fxd boots. Applying leather waterproofing spray is essential because water damage dramatically reduces the lifespan of the boots. Although the majority of work boots are made to withstand some neglect, waterproofing will give your footwear an added layer of safety. 

Wash your fxd boots regularly.

Regularly washing your fxd boots or shoes is important. Remember not to put boots in the washer or dryer as it will prevent the glue, stitching, and other components. The laces should be taken off and put in a bowl of warm and soapy water during cleaning. 

Rinse cleanly after washing them. A soft-bristled scrub brush, mild soap, and cold water should be used to gently clean your shoes. To preserve your fxd boots in good condition, dry them as soon as you can after washing them.

Drying the boots

Before putting them back, let your boots dry completely. The process can be sped up by crumpling up newspapers and placing them into the boot. Most boots will dry in 1-2 days. As they absorb moisture, you might need to replace the newspapers several times throughout the day. 

Never use a heat source of any sort, including a boot dryer, to dry your fxd boots. A fan can be used, but air drying in a low-humidity area is best. Boots will not shrink or split if they are allowed to air dry. Do not improperly dry the boots after spending time and effort conditioning them.

Use your fxd boots only for the intended purpose.

It is important to only wear shoes where they will have the biggest impact because they wear out after they are used frequently. Avoid using your fxd boots at the grocery store. This can help in keeping your boots in good condition, and you don’t need to buy new shoes regularly. 

By storing your boots properly, you can improve their lifespan. Choose a place that is open, dry, and dust-free to allow your boots to breathe. Stay away from areas where your boots might be exposed to hot or cold temperatures.

Final thoughts

It is never too late to start caring for the safety of your fxd boots. With these simple maintenance tips given above, you can get better outcomes throughout the course of long days, and this would extend the life of your shoes.