Remote 1 APK Download For Android 2022

Remote 1 APK Download For Android 2022

Remote 1 apk downloads are now available. If you are interested in downloading, follow the link we attached here. You can quickly run the Application on your smart Android devices by following the link. From this article, you can soon get an idea about what remote 1 is, whether I can download it, how to use it, etc.  

FRP Bypass is a popular term that you have to use for Android Factory Restore Protection. Using a passcode, users get the opportunity to get access to factory Restore. So here, sometimes you may forget the passcode. Then you will not be able to gain access. Focusing on this issue, developers introduced Remote 1 Apk.

What is FRP?

Learning about FRP and its operations is better before downloading remote 1 apk. The FRP Bypass is a Factor Restore Protection option. It is embedded default in every Android device. 

Factory restore is a fantastic option by which mobile users can quickly restore mobile devices and add several Google accounts. The company left the settings at launch. This intelligent feature will reset all priority settings, including all the data.

Using this, android users now get the opportunity to bypass the FRP protection option speedily. After that, you can easily add a new Google account without hassle or additional permissions. You must install the app if anyone faces the same problem because of the other security protocols.

About Remote 1 Apk

Remote 1 app is known as a hacking tool. This is an Android-based application that is mainly developed for worldwide Android users. The primary purpose of developing this Application is to share the Bypass facility. So Apk, users can add a new Google account and easily over command the device. 

Details of Remote APK Latest 

  • App Name: Remote 1
  • App Version: v1.0
  • App Size: 28.49 MB
  • App Developer: GMT
  • Package Name:
  • Price: Free
  • Required OS Versions: Android 2.3 and upper 
  • App Category: Apps – Tools

Using these new advanced tools, users get the freedom to gain access and bypass the Factory Restore Protocols. Finally, you can add multiple Google Accounts easily.

Moreover, we considered this matter deeply. We find these different options inside the Application. The reason for adding these options was to make it similar to Google Play Services. So the device security protocol will detect the modded Apk instead of the original service.


After the Remote 1 App is successfully installed, you must bypass The Factory Reset as the next step. If necessary, there you have to use a tool. You must add a new account when the device bypass is completed. After adding this more contemporary account, you have to uninstall the tool. Otherwise, it counters the original services of Android. 

Features of the Remote 1 APK For Android

There you will meet several exciting features with the Remote 1 application. All those features support you to get limitless freedom, and finally, you can enjoy many more benefits. So let’s see those most impressive and highlighted facilities gathered there. You can want the Application using those features below listed.  

  • It allows users to bypass FRP easily. So no more difficulties there.
  • When you are going to download the remote 1 apk, try to download the new update. 
  • Users did not ask to register.
  • Third-party ads are not supported.
  • Easy to use all the included terms and functionalities
  • Straightforward app interface for Mobile users
  • No need to subscribe
  • The download is entirely free.
  • Multiple categories games 

How To Download Remore 1 Apk 

In public, you can find Remore 1 apk similar apps/ alternatives. But among them, most of them are paid versions, and others are non-trustworthy apps. So downloading them means taking a risk. If you are interested in downloading the Remote 1 app for Android, you can quickly complete this remarkable process by following simple instructions. 

Follow the link that we attached here. You can efficiently complete the app download and the instruction guide attached there. You can download the most reliable, accurate, and 100% trustworthy apk file from our website for free. 

To download the Application,

  • Step01. Follow the Official website for app download.
  • Step02. Then you can quickly get to the official website. Now you can see the Remote 1 apk download link there. Tap on it to begin the app download. Here it will take several seconds. 
  • Step03. Now you have to enable your device unknown sources options. 
  • Step04. After that, you have to open your device download folder. Tap on the downloaded apk file. 
  • Step05. Here you have to agree with the app terms and conditions. Then tap on install. It will take another second. 
  • Finally, you can complete the app installation. 

She frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)- Remote 1 Apk. 

Q1. What is Remote 1 App?

Remote 1 app allows users to share the FRP Bypass facility when required. When you forget your Android Factory Restore Protection passcode, you can use the Remove 1 app to recover it. This is well known as a hacking tool and an Android-based application. It is popular among worldwide users. 

Q2. What is Remote 1 APK Download?

The APK stands for Android package kit. When you download a third-party app, you must select this android support file format. So download remote 1 apk is the best file format for direct download.

Q3. Is It Safe To Download Remote 1 Apk File?

Remote 1 application is not known as a harmful application. But when you download the apk file from online sources, it will contain malware files while downloading. So you have to select a supportive website here. Now you can try our official website to download the Remote 1 apk file.

Q4. Can I Download Remote 1 For My Mobile Phone?

Yes, now it is possible to download Remore 1 APK for a vast collection of Android devices. Up to the latest Android 12, you can download the Application freely via the web browser. 

Q5. How To Use Remote 1 APK?

After downloading the Remote 1 app, you can use it on your Android. As the most compatible device, you can use it with your smart android devices. To use the downloaded app, you can follow the below steps. 

  • Step01. Go to settings. After that, you have to enable installation. Here allow unknown sources.
  • Step02. Now you have to Install the remote 1 Apk on your Android device.
  • Step03. Now open apps. Then you have to disable Google Play Services.
  • Step04. Now you have to go back to your accounts. Then add an active google account as the Next step. Now you have to enable google play services.
  • Step05. Reboot your device

It will take several seconds to complete the installation. 

Q06. How To Install Remote 1 APK?

Users can easily install the downloaded Remote 1 apk file by following simple instructions. You can download the apk file following the above link. Then you have to enable your device unknown sources option. For that, open device settings > security> “Unknown Sources.”

After that, you have to agree with the app terms and conditions. Please tap on the install option; it will take only several seconds to complete the installation.


You will be able to use Remote 1 Apk to remove Google protection. This proceeds speedily and effortlessly. So if you still have not tried this, hurry up and follow the above instructions. Enjoy the Application.