Car lovers have plenty of ways to indulge in their hobbies. Whether you’re going to car shows, participating in car-focused forums, or just washing your own car in your driveway, you’re appreciating the masterworks of engineering and transportation.

Another way to enjoy cars you might never have access to in real life is through video games. There are, of course, plenty of Car Games to play, but some of the best ones, and ones you can access for free, are all available on What follows is a selection of some awesome Car Games you can find at Drifted


This first game is a destruction derby-style game with a bright, colorful art style and flat, 3D graphics. In it, you will take control of a car and do your best to push your opponents off of a precariously high arena.

And, for each car you eliminate, your own car will grow bigger and stronger, until you are either the last car standing, or you enter a showdown with another massive car. The latter situation is the most exciting and fun though.

2. Fly Car Stunt 4 

The fourth entry in the Fly Car Stunt series is the best-looking, and the most fun yet. Select from an array of different cars including everything from an F1 speeder to a monster truck, and navigate challenging tracks as quickly as you can. 

The game boasts 15 awesome levels, many unlockable cars, and even a 2-player mode to get your friends in on the action. You can even purchase upgrades for your cars to make them perform better.

3. Flying Car Extreme Simulator

This next game is one of the most novel games in the Drifted Arcade. Flying Car Extreme Simulator does exactly what it says on the tin: puts you behind the wheel of an awesome transforming car. You can go from driving on the pavement to soaring through the air at the press of a button.

The game allows you to pull off this transformation at will, and you’re free to complete objectives in any way that seems most efficient to you. As you complete these jobs, you’ll earn money that will allow you to purchase different flying car games!

4. Madalin Stunt Cars 3

Madalin Stunt Cars is one of the most popular series , and the latest entry is the most fully-featured one yet. Madalin Stunt Cars 3 drops players into one of three unique maps and sets them free to do whatever they like.

Each of the maps is designed to be a stunt driver’s paradise, full of ramps and loop-the-loops to make use of. There are also a bunch of different cars to drive!

5. Drift Hunters MAX

This final game on the list is actually a exclusive, meaning it can’t be found anywhere else. This revamped edition of the classic Drift Hunters game adds a ton of new features and content, including a graphical overhaul and an account system that allows for cloud saves.

All of these games are incredibly fun, but there are many, many more to enjoy. We recommend browsing and making use of the categories to find exactly what you’re looking for. The Drifting Games and Motorcycle Games categories are very popular!