If you have always dreamed of living in the trees, then a treehouse by Tree Masters is a great way to fulfill your dream. These unique, custom homes are designed by renowned treehouse designer Pete Nelson with the help of a team of craftsmen. Pete uses a combination of art and science to design the perfect treehouse that will appeal to your inner child. His collection of treehouses includes a spa retreat, brewery, honeymoon suite, Irish-themed cottage, and an 800-square-foot treehouse in Texas.

Nelson Treehouse

The world-renowned treehouse designer Pete Nelson and his team of craftsmen use science and art to create a beautiful living space among the trees. His treehouse designs will awaken your inner child’s dream of living among the trees. Choose from an 800-square-foot Texas treehouse, complete with a bath, or an Irish-themed cottage.

Spirit House

In episode five of the Treehouse Masters series, Pete builds a treehouse for a writer. Although the writer does not approve of Pete’s choice of tree, he builds the treehouse anyway, and in the end, he transforms it into a beautiful gold-leafed “Spirit House” retreat. It has a loft, a gold leaf window, and even Buddhist artifacts.

Theatre treehouse

Tree Masters has created a breathtaking theatre treehouse that you can enjoy from above. This unique structure includes a seating area that sits 15 feet off the ground and features four box seats and three tree elevators. It is built so that you can enjoy the view of the forest floor while enjoying a movie or watching TV. The theater is equipped with a pulley system that allows you to serve concessions and watch movies in a dreamy setting.

River shack

Check out the river shack at Tree Masters, a rustic tree house on the banks of the Mississippi River. See how the owners Pete and Christina used reclaimed materials to build this unique treehouse.

Pooch-friendly treehouse

Tree Masters offers a unique dog-friendly treehouse designed for you and your pooch. Built-in the trees, the Pooch-Friendly Treehouse is 350 square feet with a full kitchen, a queen bed, and a deck with a barbecue grill. It also features a whirlpool and sauna, a fireplace, and a cozy sitting area. The treehouse also has a ground-floor deck with a BBQ grill and porch swing.

Spirit House built for Make-A-Wish

A Spirit House can help you to heal after a loved one dies. A spirit house can honor the departed and be filled with small things that are personalized in memory of the departed. For example, it can include a miniature table and chairs, clothes, and other small objects. These objects can be added to the spirit house scene over time so that they will be unique.

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