A garden window is a window that protrudes, or projects, slightly from a wall to capture more sunlight. The concept is similar to a bay window, but on a slightly smaller scale. Some garden windows may have shelves. To be a garden window, glass must be present on all sides except the bottom.

The concept behind a garden window is similar to greenhouse glass designs.

Greenhouses capture the sun’s energy by using glass MAS Home Improvement or some other type of product to help produce plants. It enables the efficient conservation of resources, such as lighting and space heating, that would otherwise have to be used to grow some plants in some areas.

The purpose of a garden window is to bring some of that same technology into the home. While it is possible to grow almost any plant in any window, garden windows are especially suited to the task simply because they allow more space to grow more things. While the plants still need to be relatively small, as most houseplants are, garden windows offer more opportunities than traditional windows.

Garden window framing often comes in several different options, the most common of which are vinyl and aluminum. Many companies recommend vinyl frames simply because they have better thermal performance and higher resistance to condensation. Often when the purpose of a garden window is to grow tropical plants, temperature performance can be a very important consideration.

To help protect a garden window,

Manufacturers also do not recommend the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. The best way to clean and maintain your window is simply to use a mixture of warm soapy water. This allows for safe cleaning and should keep the window running at peak performance for many years to come.

“Garden” windows, they are also garden windows, experts call a good alternative to bay windows. This is an unusual version of glazing, with the pros and cons of which the RMNT website decided to understand in more detail. We will show you examples of “garden” windows in order to understand what features they have.

Such double-glazed windows are called “garden” not at all because the window overlooks the garden. It is like a mini-greenhouse, a double-glazed window protruding from the wall of the house, which has the following advantages:

More natural light indoors.

An extended window sill, on which, as the Rmnt.ru portal has already said, you can equip a whole garden and get useful fresh herbs and even vegetables all year round.

If the “garden” window is located in the kitchen, and this happens most often, then due to its protruding part, you can significantly expand the countertop.

There are several opening options. Ventilation will be very effective if you open both side flaps.

You can place a shelf in the middle to additionally put flower pots or a container with seedlings.

A garden window can be installed almost anywhere, but many people tend to use them as kitchen or bathroom windows. This is simply a personal preference. Many also find use for them in living areas, or even the bedroom if a curtain is placed to provide some privacy at times.

While most homes don’t come with patio windows,

There are a number of different window manufacturers in many parts of the world, especially the United States. Most dealers also take care of the installation like MAS Home Improvement. Most manufacturers will also have locations on their websites to help people find a dealer near them.